The Netherlands

One of the founders of the EU

The Netherlands joined in 1958

The Netherlands joined the European Union (EU) in 1958 the same time as 5 other countries: Belgum, Germany, France, Italy, and Luxembourg. These are the 6 founders of the EU created after the treaty in France.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands

Belgum and The Netherlands were a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands it began in 1579 and split into Belgum and the Netherlands in 1831.

The Netherlands borders 2 countries

The Netherlands borders both Germany and Belgum. It also borders the North Sea and it is below sea level so it is prone to flooding.

The history of the flag

The top stripe which is red used to be orange for the coat of arms for the prince William of orange.

Major cities

The Capitol of The Netherlands is Amsterdam and the 3 other major cities are Haarlem, The Hauge, and Rotterdam.

Tourism and geographical features

People are drawn toward the Netherlands because of the windmills which they are famous for and the wide open fields with tulips and the canals in the streets.

Netherlands Monarchy

The Netherlands has a constitutional monarchy but is primarily used for a face of the country, they have almost no political power.


The Netherlands currently uses the euro. Before 1815 they used the Dutch Guilder

Three interesting facts