Advisory Council Meeting Recap

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RTP Funding This Fall

Sherry Winnie shared an in-depth look at how RTP funding works and how projects are ranked by the awarding committee. A number of tips for improving proposals were covered. Those chapters able to make it will be awarded extra points on this year's proposals - you want those points too? No problem. There is another RTP training session being offered this month:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Mt. Philo State Park Pavilion 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

All are invited to bring lunch & tour trails on Mt. Philo from 1PM – 2PM for a show & tell session of trail reconstruction work that was completed by the State Trail Crew on Mt. Philo. RSVP/Sign up for this session by calling or e-mailing Sherry Winnie 802/760-8450


September 30th - Is the due date for those RTP proposals for trails NOT on public land.

November 1st - Is the due date for RTP proposals for trail projects on state land.

For information on RTP funding and for the grant application, please visit:

Chapter Documents Developed

VMBA has continued to develop documentation to assist chapters with their operations. At the meeting three more documents were shared:

1. RTP Funding Tip Sheet - tips and tricks to making the most of your RTP proposals.

2. Chapters & FPR District Coordinators - outlines the best way to communicate with your local FPR representation. This document divides the state into territories and provides contact information for your district coordinator. Working closely with your district coordinator on all projects is essential to the sustainable future of mountain biking in Vermont. District coordinators have collectively shared a sincere desire to work with us and help facilitate our progress.

3. Annual Chapter Queue Sheet - Highlights important dates throughout the year for chapters to keep in mind.

All of these documents have been uploaded to the "Chapter Documents" page on -

2014 VMBA Events Pass

Wouldn't it be great to have a sense for how many riders will attend your event and have some seed money to set up a sweet event well in advance of the big day? How about VMBA helping you find sponsors and aggressively promoting the event?

This winter, VMBA will be seeking 5 or 6 well established events to comprise the "VMBA Events Pass." The pass will afford riders an opportunity to buy registration for a suite of events all at once during the spring membership drive.

Available for purchase from March 15th to June 1st, VMBA will send chapters all contact information and registrant payment early in the season serving as a jump start to your awesome event. Ideally, each event will be discounted as part of the season pass and VMBA will earn a little for performing the administrative aspects of the program. We have a fantastic opportunity to promote such a program with our partners and the State Tourism Dept. - lots of potential.

Sound interesting to you? Please be in touch with an event suggestion. Let's get started on developing a sweet opportunity for riders everywhere!

Events Calendar

Chapters are doing an awesome job with hosting amazing events. As the number of events continues to grow, the calendar is experiencing pressure points. With a little coordination, VMBA can help relieve some of the bottlenecking and increase the number of riders able to make it to your event.

VMBA is encouraging chapters to have a conversation about '14 events during your season wrap up meetings this fall. In January another reminder will be sent to everyone and we're hoping to have our slate of events gathered by the end of February.

Chapters will not be asked to move events. Instead, VMBA only desires to let chapters know what else is going so chapters can choose to move an event based on other options riders may have. If we do this early, we have a good shot at clearing up calendar jams before getting too far down the path with an event.

Please have the '14 events conversation early and keep an eye out for the the January events reminder. Thank You.

VMBA Chapter Program

Together we have accomplished a lot over the last year. One area VMBA is most proud of is how chapters are supported with real and tangible benefits as a result of being affiliated with the association. The trail grant and clinic, insurance, 501c3 status, event promotion, and administrative assistance has been fruitful programs that many chapters are enjoying through saving money and putting more resources into trails and events - it's a win/win!

As you would guess, these programs are expensive to provide. In 2013 VMBA spent over $14,000 on chapter programs. The association is stoked to provide these services and expand them in the future.

VMBA will be sending an invoice for chapter dues in October. In addition to chapter dues, VMBA relies on event revenue sharing by chapters. A portion of net proceeds paid to VMBA is anticipated from your successful events. The extent to which this sharing takes place is left to the chapter's discretion. Most often, it is roughy 10% of net proceeds.

Please be in touch if you have any questions about the chapter program.