National Nacho Day!

November 6th

The History of the Nacho

The Nacho was made around 70 years ago in the Mexican boarder town Piedra Negras. Hungry customers waited at the Victory Club (the restaurant in which the nacho was made) Anaya who was without his chef figured that he should make something for the guests. The only foods available to him were tortillas and cheese. He cut the tortillas into triangles, melted the cheese over the triangular chips and finished his dish with jalapeno peppers. Anaya called the dish Nacho Especiales because his nickname was Nacho due to his short stature.

Bring your Nachos!

Why National Nacho Day should be recongnized

National Nacho Day should be recognized to spread health world wide. The reason Nachos are healthy is because cheese is a good source of dairy, Meat is good protein and tortillas are good sources of grains. Also Nacho day is a good holiday to see family and friends.