The Impossible Can Be Possible.

Terry Fox courage

Terry Fox was the boy who never gave up. His short life was devoted to achieving his goals. Obstacles just made him try harder. When he knew he had cancer and would lose his leg, he resolved to do something to help other cancer victims. When the disease claimed him on June 28, 1981, he left a legacy of hope that has inspired millions to continue his cause.
Terry Fox - 35 Years of Hope
Terry Fox a Canadian hero, Marathon of hope.

Messi donated money to poor people in Argentina.

Messi stated that he uses his money to help build schools and hospitals for the poor in Argentina, adding that he can’t donate it “to those who kill children. As soon as the rumor regarding Messi’s alleged generosity towards Israel was published by le Competiteur on July 17, millions of people around the world believed it at face value, without questioning its veracity or inquiring about the credibility of the source that published it.

By: Mohammed Ahmed