The Secret Life of Bees.

by: Sue Monk Kidd

This book is about a girl named Lily Owens in 1964 dealing with the loss of her mother. She never truly knew the story of her death because of her not only verbally, but physically abusive father, T-ray. He would get angry anytime she would try to bring her mother up. She did remember one thing about her mothers death, that she was the one who killed her.
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Rosaleen her caregiver, gets into a fight with white people as she is on her way to vote. She gets put in jail and she has only two options, she can either stay in jail and get beat up more or to find away to escape. Lily knows what the white guys will do to Rosaleen if she stays in the jail so she breaks Rosaleen out while she is in the hospital.

They walked and walked until they meet the Boatwright sisters and Lily learns tons about her mothers childhood and also information about why her mother was trying to leave her before Lily shot her by accident. August, the one who owned the pink house, in which Lily stayed in, she also LOVES bees! She treats her bees like family, and she teaches Lily her ways with bees.
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