Come Join the Round Table

Looking for those who want to be Knights

My Wedding Day Is Near! Now searching for Medieval Knights.

I sent Merlin, my wizard, to find Genevre. She is the daughter of Leodegrance, King of Cameliard, whose beauty is true. Merlin was hesitant to oblige my request, but knew that was what my heart desired.

Leadegrance was pleasantly surprised to find that a king was seeking his daughter. He agreed to marry his daughter to me. Leadegrance did not know what to give us as a wedding present because I have enough land to please us both. He thought it would be more appropriate to give us the Round Table.

The Round Table was given to Leadegrance by Uther Pendragon. It is able to seat 150 knights at once. Leadegrance gave me 100 knights of his own and I am searching for 50 knights of my own to complete the table.

I am excepting anyone who is able to meet my requirements. Come to my castle in Camelot to see if you will soon be sitting at the Round Table.

Knights in the Round Table Requirements

-Serving Lords and Ladies

- Knowledge of how to properly use dangerous weapons

- Physically fit and strong

- Balance

- Knowledge of how to ride a horse

Knight fighting, M-1 Medieval on M-1 Challenge 56 | Highlights