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May Edition * Hamilton Elementary School

2015-16 Homeroom Placement

The end of the year is a busy time with so many fun activities for the kiddos. In addition to wrapping up this school year, we are also beginning to plan for next year.

Each year, the teachers, APs, Counselor and I work hard to place each child in a classroom in which they will find great success. Many factors are considered when making this placement.

As a parent, you know your child the best. If you have information about your child that you feel would be beneficial in making a class placement for next year, please email or send a letter to your child's Assistant Principal or our Counselor with the information. Helpful information includes: personality, special needs, history, etc. Any information that you feel would help us to make the best teacher fit for your child.

Please know that we do not take teacher requests for class placement.

*Lorie Gregurek ( First, Fourth and Fifth Grades
*Kerry Iselt ( Kindergarten, Second, Third Grades
*Michelle Erickson ( Counselor


May Calendar link:

May Fitness Calendar:

May Events

4-8th: Staff Appreciation Week

6th: 8 AM Music Memory Practice

7th: 8 AM Music Memory Practice

8 AM Blue Chess Club

8th: PAWS Store open during lunches

4th Gr. Athropds Demo

8 AM Music Memory Practice

10-10:40 AM 3rd Gr. Mother’s Day Event

11th: 15th: Library Book Fair

11th: 5th Gr. Classes attend Biz Town

12th: 9:15-10:15 2015-16 Kdg. Round Up

13th: 8 AM Music Memory Practice

14th: 8 AM Music Memory Practice

4:00-7:30 PM Library Book Fair Late Night

15th: 3rd Gr. Garden Day

8 AM Music Memory Practice

19th: 8 AM Music Memory Practice

4 PM Music Memory Competition at Berry Center

20th: 2nd Gr. Science Demo

21st: 3rd Gr. Science Demo

8 AM Chess Club Celebration

11:30-1:00 VIPS Appreciation Event at Berry Center

22nd: All Library Books due to library

PAWS store open during lunches

8:35 StuCo School Store open before school

11:45-12:15 4th Gr. Picnic & Poetry during lunch

25th: Memorial Day Holiday

26th-29th: Student KAMP’s week

29th Baskin Robbin’s Spirit Night

Yearbook Signing during Large Group

June Events

2nd: EOY PK - 4th Grade Student Awards/Celebrations - No lunch visitors, please

Kindergarten, AM PK, AM PPCD: 10:00

First Grade: 9:00

Second Grade: 11:15

Third Grade: 12:10

Fourth Grade, PM PK, PM PPCD, LS: 2:00

3rd: 5th Grade Day & Awards Celebration - No lunch visitors, please

Fifth Grade Awards Celebration: 2:15 PM

4th: Last Day of School – Report Cards go home - No lunch visitors, please

Yearbook Signing on Friday, May 29 during Large Groups

Students without a yearbook may bring a journal or notebook to gather friends’ autographs.

All participating must bring their own pen.

Didn't order a Yearbook? A limited quantity is available to purchase for $45. Send your order form to your child’s teacher or the front office. The quantity is limited, so act fast!

Yearbook Order Form:


Book Fair May 11-15. Late Night Thursday, May 14th from 4:30 – 7:30.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up in PTO Manager.

All library books are due May 26th.

May Birthday Book Club


Our Word of the month for May is Honesty: Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

Everyone exaggerates.

“I have a million games on my DS.”

“My grandpa has thousands of horses.”

“I never brush my teeth.”

Sure, it makes your story sound cool but whenever you exaggerate like that, others can tell. And it makes you less trustworthy in the future. We all know people who are constantly adding a little something to their stories. Maybe a friend of yours went to the Okefenokee Swamp and saw a few alligators but when they tell you about it, they actually fell out of their boat and had to wrestle three angry crocodiles before they could get to the shore safely. Or your sister won the sack race at field day, but when she tells you about it, she not only came in first, but she finished a whole three minutes before anyone else!

Part of being an honest person means making sure everything you say is truthful. And when you do, people will begin to trust you, and what you have to say will start to mean a lot more.

So take some time this month to tell tall tales with your family. Take turns telling stories about something that really happened, but add five exaggerations to the story. After you have all heard the story, see who can guess the exaggerations. Then talk about how the story sounded. Did it sound real or fake? Exaggerated? Or realistic? As a family, talk about why it’s so important to keep a reputation of honesty!

Message to 5th Grade Parents

Information about Level-1 classes for 6th grade:

Level-1 classes are designed to challenge students beyond grade-level academic courses and prepare them for success in future advanced coursework. They are more rigorous and have an more in-depth content focus than on-level classes. Level-1 classes often move at a faster pace, include different types of assignments, including additional outside reading, and may require more independent study skills.

Students are eligible for Level-1 classes in 6th grade (2015-2016 school year) if during their 5th grade year:

1. The student earns a yearly average of 85+ in the on-level class in the same subject level;


2. The student earns Level III-Advanced on the STAAR Reading test. This makes the student eligible for the Level-1 Language Arts/Reading block and Social Studies; or

3. The student earns Level III-Advanced on the STAAR Science. This makes the student eligible for Level-1 Science;


4. The student has parent permission to enroll in

Level-1 class.

Students who provisionally qualified for any Level-1 class(es) at the end of the 3rd nine weeks, received the Level-1 letter on Wednesday, April 8. If you and your child have made the decision to participate in any Level-1 subject area, you must sign the form and return it to Michelle Erickson before that placement can made.

***Please note that it is the final end-of-year average that qualifies your child for any individual Level-1 subject. If your child provisionally qualified in the 3rd nine weeks for a subject(s) area, and that subject drops below the 85 average, your child will no longer qualify for Level-1 in that subject area. On the other hand, if your child’s final average for a specific subject meets the requirement for Level-1, but it did not meet it at the 3rd nine week period, you will be receiving a Level-1 letter for that particular course that your child now qualifies for. You will need to sign that new letter and return it to Michelle Erickson in order for that final placement to be input for your child’s next year’s schedule.

Thank you to our April Watch D.O.G.S.

Greg Svrcek

Gabriel Meinardus

Chris Green

Juan Deiros

James Hyde

Mark McCollum

Dan Dietel

Hiten Kurwa

Chris Post

Joe Crownover

Ryan Gustafson

Sean Smith

Clint Vick

Tim Meeks

Eric Kretschman

Mike Nott

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5th grade Goes to Biztown!

On Monday, May 11th 5th grade students will travel to JA Biztown for a day of work!

5th graders have been preparing for this big trip in a big way! Students have been learning about communities, economies, taxes, and employment. On April 27th several parents came in to interview our students for a Biztown job. Students proved they were awesome at introducing themselves, making eye contact, and talking with the interviewers. We are looking forward to their day of work!

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A few of our Horizon students presented at the Berry Center, showing off their knowledge of The Austin Colony.

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CFISD Technology Department - Summer Technology Camp Opportunities

Want some summer fun in June and July?

Click here flyer:


June 15-18

June 22-25

July 13-16

For more detailed camp information and to reserve your spots, go to

or call 281-897-3802

LOCATION: A. Robison Elementary School

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