By Chris

Main Issues with Droughts

Droughts are very dangerous and can happen just like that. Droughts can also dry out water and there won't rain for weeks. This is a picture of a drought.

Negative Effects to the Environment

Droughts have lots of negative effects on the environment. Animals food and water supply would shrink and their habitat can be destroyed. For example; on the left is a picture of a forest before and after a drought. You can see that the before picture that the trees are green and healthy. But on the after image, the trees didn't have enough water supply and dried up.

Where Are The Droughts

The main regions that got affected by droughts is on the South and Midwest of the U.S.A. I got that from http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/.

To your right is the map for the drought that is currently going on. the darker the color gets, the worse the drought is.

Drought, Flood and back to Drought in the Meteorological Blink of an Eye
Here is a video about where the droughts are.

Wildlife and Droughts

Wild animals usualy get affected the most.

Deer would travel farther than usual. Sea turtles would have to move to another body of water if that pond dried up. Hummingbirds come less because the nectar in the plants and trees are dried out from the drought. I got this from http://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/deepening-drought-affects-forests-fish-wildlife

People and Droughts

League city can get affected by droughts. The city would have burn bans, water limits, grasses would die and crops would die.

People are affected by this because the water would dry out in the lakes and there would be very little water to have.

This issue could occure from pollution from factories and climate change.

Solutions to Droughts

Some solutions to prepare for droughts are predicting droughts. But predicting droughts is very hard to do. You don't know where going to happen, or when.

Possible Solutions

If there would be any ideas for a solution for droughts, I would list one. One of the solutions could be storing the rain water and reusing it for various things. That solution could be implemented now because there might be water limitations, so you can reuse that rain water for things.