Mitosis Vs. Meiosis

diffrences between mitosis and meiosis


  • only one cell division in mitosis 2 in meiosis
    • Mitosis Results in 2 daughter cells Meiosis results in 4
      • Mitosis results in Diploid while meiosis results in Haploid
        • Mitosis daughter cells are genetically identical and meiosis are genetically diffrent
          • Meiosis occurs in only animals fungi and Mitosis occurs in all organisms except viruses
            • Mitosis creates all body cells except germ cells Meiosis creates only germ cells
              • Mitosis Prophase takes shorter time than Prophase I in Meiosis


  1. Both end in Cytokinesis
  2. In both the sister chromatids are seperated to opposite ends
  3. in Metaphase and Metaphase I individual chromosomes line up along the equator
  4. Both have Diploid parent cells
  5. Both go thru PMAT but Meiosis goes thru it twice.