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"LIV has a healthy respect for technique and what it can do to bring out the best in the voice, but who also desires a vocal approach that is utterly original"

-Berklee School of Music

"Liv's voice is lilting and carries a distinct nuance"


Portland, Oregon known for it's vinyl stores and indie rock vibe was where LIV originated. She was handed a guitar at age five and although no one in her entire family had any musical abilities she was obsessed with playing that little guitar and making music out of anything that resembled an instrument. After playing with many different bands thought elementary school her family decided to chase their dreams and move to an island. At age 11, LIV stepped off the -plane into her new life. She immediately joined a kid punk band as the songwriter and lead guitarist and begun playing 2 or 3 shows a week all around Oahu. LIV brought her indie vibe with her to Hawaii creating an "ocean grunge" image for her music. Her musical style continued to evolve as she founded a new alternative rock band. Constantly writing music and feeling a strong desire to sing, she grew out of that band and made a name for herself as "LIV" the solo artist. Playing venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, The Republik, Hawaiian Brians, The Studio, The Median, and many, many more LIV decided to venture back to Portland for a month long tour/music video shoot at age 15. She played multiple shows and was successful with bringing in large crowds that packed the venues. With one single released and another on the way, LIV is currently planning to release an EP and tour along the West Coast, all before her 16th birthday.

Hello from LIV

Iv'e always felt like I was born with this passion to create, and share my creations with the world. Music is this beautiful way of publicizing my opinions and it's a pretty powerful way to do so. After I finished recording my single titled "Incomplete" I felt compelled to create a visual work of art because I couldn't think of a better way to sum up the meaning of the song. My music is art that I pour everything into, my emotions, thoughts, fears, I'm being brutally honest in my lyrics. It's a scary thing, to be vulnerable enough to open up to the world but hopefully through my songs I can inspire others to do the same. I believe that art has the ability to reach a deeper level than anything else- so I hope you guys enjoy my "art" (:
LIV - Incomplete (Official Video)



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