Forensic Science


Forensic Science

Forensic science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past which is then used in a court of law.

Session 1

In this session we defined forensic science, and explored it's history and development. We also learned a few basic principles behind forensics. You would also analyze a crime scene ,and completed a crime scene sketch.
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Session 2

In this session we continued to learn the steps involved in processing a crime scene. You would explore different methods of evidence. Learn history of fingerprinting, and also lift a fingerprint.
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Session 3

you would collect and analyze fingerprint evidence from the case. You would also learn about the process of DNA fingerprinting.

Session 4

You would review the process of DNA, and also complete a DNA extraction.

Session 5

In this session you would define trace evidence. You would also learn parts of the microscope. Another part of this session is collecting and analyzing trace evidence from your case.

Session 6

You are to explore the process of document analysis. Also you would complete a chromatography analysis.

Session 7

In this session you will construct a theory, and also identify a suspect in the case.


Job description: Employment of police and detectives iis projected to grow percent from from 2012 to 2022, slower than average for all occupations.

What They Do

1.Protect lives and property 2. Gather facts and collect evidence of possible crimes.

Work Enviroment

Police and detective work can be physically demanding, stressful, and dangerous. Police officers have one of the highest rates of injures and illness of all occupations. Working around the clock in shifts is common.

How to become one

Education requires range from a high school diploma to a college, or higher degree. Must be at least 21 years old, and able to meet rigourus physical and personal qualifications.

The Pay:

The medium annual wage for police and detectives was 56,980 in may 2012.

Similar occupations

Probation officers and correctional treatment officers

Contacts for more information

National Sheriffs association

Name of website:

This website has many things on it, like "The dangers and consequences of drugs, the most wanted fugitives, prevention, etc. If you were to have problems you could go to this site.

Evaluation of the website:

What I liked about this website is it gives you moral support with if you do drugs or need some prevention of any type. It also had a research center which included various things, for example a resource center for victims of crimes.