WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 - Issue 4


  • SEPTEMBER 20 Husky Leadership (SPSA) Team Meeting 3:00 - 3:40pm
  • SEPTEMBER 21 No Staff Meetings
  • SEPTEMBER 22 GLAD Training for Principals, 8:30am - 11:30am. Moon Festival
  • SEPTEMBER 23 Virtual Parent Engagement Night @ 3pm via Zoom
  • SEPTEMBER 24 VAPA Grades 2-6; Teacher PLC Meetings

Spotlight on: Husky Health Team

Meet Hillcrest's Superheroes-

Vanessa Cruz (HCHC), Vera Lopez (Health Assistant), Rebecca Chien (Nurse), Wendy Cole (Health Assistant).

The team is responsible for keeping our staff updated on health guidelines and protocols. They screen, conduct contact tracing, test students, and communicate with parents and teachers. They also take care of our little ones when they have stomach aches and headaches.

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Principal's Message

This week we invite all parents to join us on Thursday via Zoom to learn about all the ways parents can get involved at Hillcrest. Learn about the different school committees, our students, get a preview on some of our big school events, and have fun interacting with other parents. I am also encouraging parents, guardians, and staff to talk to our students about the Leadership Habit of the Week and what they learned in their Second Step lesson. Together working collaboratively we can transform the lives of students.


We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success.

Click on the link to discover documents, exhibits, films, blog posts, and more.

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Wishing our families a Happy Moon Festival and good health!

Mid Autumn Festival: What is the History of the Mid Autumn Festival ? | How to Celebrate it?(2021)

Quote of the Week

"He who is really kind, can never be unhappy"