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Enjoying The Best Of Tossa De Mar

Tossa de Mar is another great holiday spot in Spain at the famous Costa Brava at the north eastern Spanish Mediterranean coast. This long stretch of sandy white beaches runs for 214 kilometers as the mid-point between the French border and Barcelona.Tossa de Mar offers delightful natural landscapes which draw many tourists every summer. There are also historical sites which would thrill history fans and those who love ancient buildings.

Ancient attractions
There is a myriad of ancient beautiful landscapes at Tossa de Mar which make the place such an attraction to tourists. Many come to view these antique structures from centuries old even if they do not love the white sandy beaches.

One of the most emblematic buildings at Tossa de Mar has to be Vila Vella which is an ancient medieval time fortress with seven towers. This impressive fortress is located at the beach to make it an unmistakable landmark at Costa Brava and an easy site to visit.The Vila Vella is a 12th century building with unique architecture for its firm foundations.

It was built to protect the inhabitants against pirate attacks.There is an impressive collection of fine arts and sculptures inside the fortress which is converted into a modern art museum with archaeological findings on display. There are many notable paintings by famous local artists from the past such as Chagall and Serra which showcase the beauty of Tossa de Mar.Another impressive ancient delight here is the ruins or remnants of a 4th century Roman Villa that showcases the unique Roman architecture. Its presence brings on the historical richness of the place through its Roman era.

Beach beauty
One of the most delightful beauties at Tossa de Mar is its white sandy beaches. But there is also d’Es Codolar which is a coarse sandy beach at the left side of Vila Vella. The largest beach here is Playa de Tossa which is very vibrant and lively. It joins the old town and beach promenade with many delightful cafeterias and restaurants to pamper the tourists and locals.

There is Playa del Reig at the northern part of Tossa de Mar which is popular with divers to view the rich marine life in the deep blue Mediterranean Sea although the sand is also coarse like that at d’Es Codolar.Tossa de Mar offers a beautiful promenade for a lovely morning or evening stroll in the cool air with a magnificent ocean view.

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