By:Juan becerra

Whats their scientific name?

Delphinapterus leucas
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What are their physical features ?

Rostrum beluga whales have small but distinct beaks.

Teeth.belugas have eight to ten peg shaped teeth on each side.

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Beluga whale adaptations

Beluga whales are white , each summer they shed their skin.

They remove the skin by rubbing it on gravel or sand at the bottom of rivers.

Comparing beluga whale to mouse🐋🐀

The beluga whale lives on water. It's also so large and the mouse is very tiny. The same is that they are both mammals.

Where can this animal be found ? 🇳🇱

The beluga whale could be found in the Arctic and subarctic. They are mostly always found in Russia and in Canada.

How does it sleep ?

As in other toothed whale species scientists have found that deep sleep in beluga occurs in only one hemisphere of the brain at a time.

What do they eat ? 🐠

They eat octopus,squid,crabs,snails,sand worms,and fishes such as capellin,cod,herring,smelt ,and flounder.
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How often are babies born to this animal ?

The babies are born throughout March and September.

How long is the mothers gestation time ?

The gestation of the beluga whale babies is 14 through 15 months.

How many babies do they usually have ?

A female may give birth to a single calf every two or three years.

How big are the babies when they are born ?

1.6m(5.2 ft) and weigh 80 kg -(176Lb)

Do the babies have special names ?

Sea canary ( because of their sounds)

How long do the babies stay with their moms ?

The calves nurse for 20 to 24 months.

Why is your animal endangered?

Because there is less than 300 beluga whales now.
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10 fun facts about beluga whales

1. Beluga whales only have calves during a specific time.

2. The calves nurse 20 to 24 months.

3.The beluga whales deep sleep in one hemisphere of the brain at a time.

4. Each summer belugas shed their skin.

5.The calves weigh about 176 lb when they are born.

6. The gestation takes about 14 to 15 months.

7. They call the calves sea Canary because of their sounds.

8. They eat octopus, squid, crabs,snails,sand worms,and fishes.

9.A Whale can give birth to a single calf every two or three years.

10. The adult common name is Delphinapterus leucas.