Canada's Struggle with Identity

By: Jack Blair-5th Period

Canada's Struggle to find a National Identity

Canada has long had a struggle with finding it's national identity. Before Canada was it's own country, it was ruled by both the British and the French. The British and the French fought over the land of Canada for many years. In the end, the British gained control over Canada. Soon the Dominion of Canada was formed. The citizens of Canada wanted to be an independent nation. On July 1st, 1867 Canada became an independent country. The British and the French both had huge effects on the new country of Canada. For example, the largest province in Canada is completely French. In Quebec, all of the road signs, restaurant names, and books are written in French. The French had a huge impact on this region of Canada because it was mainly inhabited by the French in the war over Canada. Quebec is one of the main reasons Canada has a struggle with national identity. In Canada, there are 10 provinces and each one plays an important part in Canada's economy. The province with the most impact on Canada's economy is Quebec. Quebec is Canada's second most populous province. Because French is the official language of Quebec many of the citizens in Quebec have embraced their French influences. During the 1960's many Quebecois wanted to secede from Canada and become it's own independent country. In 1992 the citizens of Quebec voted on rather to secede from Canada or not. Although it was decided the Quebec would not leave Canada, many Quebecois still wanted to be their own nation. After the voting was over with Canadian government said they would not let Quebec leave Canada legally. If Quebec had left Canada then both countries economies would suffer dramatically. Right now Canada's economy ranks 6th in the world with a GDP of $42, 734. Canada's economy is improving very well and they are starting to become a strong country. As long as Canada and Quebec stay together, the country of Canada has a bright future.
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