Maya, Inca, and Aztec Civalizations

Maya Civalization

The Mayans built pyramids to honor there god. The Mayans were very skilled at building pyramids. Also they used a 365 day calendar. The Mayans invented an advanced writing system called Glyphs. For farming they built canals to keep their soil rich. They also used a method called slash and burn, where they cut the grass and burned it to make the soil rich.

Inca Civalization

the Inca civilization was from South America and they where the largest and the Wealthiest civilization. There civilization took up the whole western part of South America. The Inca civilization worshiped lamas and they made statues of lamas out of gold. They also built forts out of stone so they could live in them. They had no writing system system but they had a record system called Quipu. The Incas had a tightly controlled government and they have 2 mail social classes, The Nobles and the Commoners.

Aztec Civalization

The Aztecs had 3 main Social classes. The Nobles, The Intermediates, and The Commoners. The Aztecs invented calender's for farming and they also used it for religion. They also invented illustrated books called Codices. They raised garden beds on lakes so they could grow crops. The Aztecs where located in Central Mexico. They built very big buildings, and they drew birds on leather because they worshiped birds. They used a writing system called Hieroglyphics in their books.