Effectively Searching Google

By Paris TeBrink

Credible Sites

  • You should never use wikipedia because anyone can go on it and edit it.
  • Find at least 3 website that have the same information so you know its true.
  • If a site has awesome pictures it doesn't mean its credible.
  • Look when they put the information on
  • Credible Sites usually end in .edu, .gov, .org
  • Usually sites with .com are sometimes commercial sites and they pay money to be on the internet.

Searching Tips

A effective search should have 6-8 words. Google ingnores words such as (is, and, a, to, etc.). Use characters such as +, -, *, ""(quotations), the pipe symbol.

  • Use the -(minus sign) to signify words you do not want to appear when you see the results for what you searched.
  • Use the ""(quotations) to tell Google to find the exact words in the exact way without any change.
  • Use the |(pipe symbol) to allow either one of several words. Or you can use OR in capital letters.
  • Use the *(asterik)(wildcard) to allow Google to treat the star as a placement for any unknown terms and then will find the best matches.
  • Use the +(plus sign) to force Google to skip the synonym suggestions. Similar to quotations.

The more words you type into the search will make it have less results to look through.

If you use the ~(tilde) it will search the synonyms.

Shortcut Keys

  • Command A selects everything
  • Command C copies whatever is highlighted
  • Command V pastes it
  • Command P is to print
  • Command X cuts it