Cylcone Tracy

Destuction of Lives and the Full Force of Mother Nature!

Cyclone Tracy was a tropical cyclone that devasted the city of Darwin in the northern territory, australia on Christams Eve to Christmas day, 1974. it is the most compact cyclone or super-strength hurricane on record in the australian basin. tracy had gale-firce winds extending only 48 kilometres from the centre and was the most compact seystem worldwide until 2008 when Tropical storm Marco of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season broke the record, with gale-force winds extending only 18 kilometres from the centre of the eye.

Lives Lost and Damage Control!

The mother of all Cyclones in Australia is Cyclone Tracy, she killed 71 people, caused $837 million in damge and destroyed more then 70% of darwin's buildings, including 80% of the houses. she left more than 41,000 out of the 47,000 inhabitanta of the city homeless prior to landfall and required the evacuation of over 30,000 people. many never return to Darwin. After the strom passed, the city was rebuilt using more modern materials and updated building techniques.

Bruce Stannard of the ages stated that Cyclone Tracy was a "disaster of the first magnitude... without parallel in Australia's history."