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The first stage coach was built in 1827, and the average cost for stagecoaches was between $1200-$1500. A coach could be up to two thousand pounds and go on an average of eight miles per hour. A stagecoach could carry up to nine passengers, but sometimes more if they sat on the roof. The coaches were roomy, comfortable, and sturdy. If you were first class you rode all the away, without getting out. If you were second class you would have to get out if there was bad spots in the road. If you were third class you would do the same, but would also have to push up the hills. They were used for transportation and communication during the Civil War, in cities between St. Louis, Missouri in the East and San Francisco, California in the West.


  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Easy transportation
  • Communication
  • Transportation of consumer goods
  • Indian attacks
  • Bandit attacks
  • Bad roads
  • Bad weather
  • Parts could fall off if you hit a bad bump


  • Abbot Downing and his company created the first stagecoaches in America.

It's importance to North Dakota:

  • In this time it helped us travel from different cities and forts.
  • Brought new settlers into North Dakota and boosted the economy.
  • Brought in new cargo

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