Mrs. Houston's Math News

Chapter 4 Test

We will have our Chapter 4 Test on Subtraction to 10,000 on Wednesday! Please make sure your child studies the packet they bring home Monday and Tuesday.

Coming up...

Monday and Tuesday - Review for Test

Wednesday - TEST!

Thursday and Friday - In class, students will work with partners to create subtraction word problems for numbers up to 10,000.


Check out this website for lots of links for Elementary Math:

Redbird (Old EPGY)

Redbird Advanced Learning is available to our students in K through 5th grade. It is a program students may use to practice Math. Please use your FSAConnect username and password to reach Redbird. This year we have created the same username and the same password for all online resources so that you don't need to memorize different passwords.

Click here to access Redbird Advanced Learning.


Tutoring on Thursdays will be on an as needed basis. If your child has below an 80 average in a course or a failing grade on a test/quiz, then he or she may attend a scheduled tutoring session. Each week's session we will only focus on one subject area. I will communicate with parents of students who should attend a tutoring session.