Province of Georgia

Southern colonies in British America


The Province of Georgia (also Georgia Colony) was one of the Southern colonies in British America. It was the last of the thirteen original American colonies established by Great Britian in what later became the United States. In the original grant, a narrow strip of the province extended to the Mississippi River.

Foundation and Background

  • Oglethorpe, accompanied by the second settlers, arrived on February 13, 1732, at Yamacraw Bluff, in what is now Savannah, and established a camp with the help of a local elderly Indian chief, Tomochichi. A Yamacraw Indian village had occupied the land, but Oglethorpe arranged for the Indians to move. The day is still celebrated as Georgia Day. One plan had called for Georgia to be created to be a safe home for debtors. However, this purpose was never fulfilled and 240 men, women, and children were selected to become the original colonists.
  • From 1732 until 1758, the minor civil divisions were districts and towns. In 1758, the Province of Georgia was divided into eight parishes, and another four parishes were partitioned in 1765; in 1777, the original eight counties of the State of Georgia were created. In practice, settlement in the colony was limited to the near vicinity of the Savannah River. The western area of the colony remained under the control of the Creek Indian Federation until after the American Revolutionary War.