Many people suffer from burns every day.

1st Degree Burns

1st degree burns affect only the outer layer of skin. The burn is red, dry, peeling, painful, and without blisters.

2nd Degree Burns

2nd degree burns affect the outer layer along with the middle layer of skin. It is very red and painful, blistered, and may be swollen.

3rd Degree Burns

A 3rd degree burn, or a full thickness burn, completely destroys the outer and middle layer of skin. It is extremely painful and heals very slowly. Since the layers of skin are gone your body will not grow new skin.

How to treat burns

Hold the burn under cool water (not cold) and hold it for about 10 - 15 minutes. Cover the area loosely with something that will prevent air from getting to it (cellophane works great but may not be on-hand at the moment). For a major burn call 911 and never remove the burned clothing, it could just make it worse. Also, do not immerse the burns in cool water, it could cause an un-safe drop in body temperature. Cover the burn with cool, moist towels instead.