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-Surface Fire

- Dependent Crown Fires

- Running Crown Fires which is the most deadliest one of all

- Spot Fires

- Ground Fires

- Ladder Fires

- Bog fires

- Brush fires

- Fire tornado

The biggest fires

One of the biggest wildfires is The Taylor Complex Fire which was in Alaska that took place in 2004 and burned more than 1,300,000 acres (5,261 km2)

Also, the biggest wildfire recorded in North America was the The Chinchaga Fire happened in 1950 in British Columbia and Alberta and burned more than 3,500,000 acres (141,640 km2).

How to prevent wildfire

- No smoking in forests

- Less pollution

- Stop global warming (if possible)

- Extinguish campfires when done using

- Take care of matches, lighters, etc

- Do not leave gasoline unattended

- Drive carefully as cars may explode

- Do not leave any flammable substance or object unattended

- Do not have fire and gasoline/flammable objects near one and other

- Moderate all of your children as they don’t always know about the dangers of gasoline etc

- Make a plan (escape route)

- To prevent running crown fires, firefighters moisten the area around the fire (the route) so it will stay stable

- Do not set a campfire if it’s too windy


- 8,000 wildfires occur in Canada each year. That’s 22 wildfires every day!

- Most animals can escape them

- Wildfires can create fire tornados and the rotation can reach up to 90 mph

- Government spends over 300 million dollars on fighting fires

Maaz:- Forest fires travel faster upwards because the fire is upwards and spread in the air, not the

- Crown fires are the most deadliest forest fire

- Humid and dry places are places where wildfires are more likely to occur

- Forest fires are one of the worlds deadliest natural disasters

- Forest fires are natural disasters which can occur in almost any region

Pratul: - Climate change may cause more wildfires

- Wildfires caused by lightning represent 45% of all fires, but they mostly happen in remote places in clusters or bunches, they represent 81% of the total area burned

- Area burned during a wildfire is measured in acres almost 100% of the time
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