RES Staff Update

October 2-6, 2017

Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Donate to Educate shirt with jeans (Prof. dress for Curriculum Night)

Tuesday-Team shirt with jeans

Wednesday-Jeans Day

Thursday- Jeans Day

Friday-Robison Spirit Day (RES shirt or PTO spirit shirt)

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our staff that helped with our three curriculum nights. We have our last one on Monday for 2nd and 4th grades. Although these are late nights, it is helpful to those parents that attend. Please be sure to email your presentation to all parents so they have this as a reference.

Transportation Info (Important)

Updated Transportation Rosters. Thank you to all that have been giving Diana an updated transportation roster EACH and EVERY time there is a change. Usually if there is confusion on a child's end-of-day transportation route, it is because of a recent change. Having an out-of-date roster can cause confusion and even an unsafe situation. Please be sure that any permanent changes to your roster (including new students) are updated on your roster and be sure to give Diana a copy for the front desk on the day of the changes. We appreciate this so much as the front desk is similar to a traffic control station at the end of the day. We have over 1100 students, and this is a critical piece to our process for keeping everyone safe.

Change in Format for Calling Buses. We are going to start calling buses differently. Instead of calling each bus number, we will move to calling them by sets. We will give you a copy of the buses in the first set and the second set, and we will begin calling "first set" and "second set" rather than calling all 6 buses and repeating them over and over. In the event that a bus from the first set is not on time (which should be rarely), those students will sit in the cafeteria just as we would do with a late bus in the second set. We believe this will save time and allow us to dismiss buses even faster. Students will always be in the first set or second set, and this should also eliminate students missing when their bus pops up in a different order than usual. We will explain this in more detail on Monday! Our car riders are adding an eighth cone to help with loading more students each set, so this should also help with car rider dismissal. Thank you to everyone for your attention to our dismissal procedures!

Parent Conferences

Please be sure to turn in a copy of your parent conference day schedule to the front desk. Parents often call to ask about their time, or they show up in the front office for the conference. This will allow the front desk to avoid interrupting you during your conferences to confirm appointment times. Please be sure that you have blocked off 30 minutes for each conference (25 minutes to meet with 5 minutes of transition time). Home Access Center letters for 2nd-5th should be given to parents if they did not come to curriculum night. Lunch will be provided for all staff (pizza, salad, and desserts). Paras that are not at district training will come to Robison on this day.


October 16: 3rd grade (all day)

October 17: 2nd grade (all day)

October 18: Kindergarten (Half in am; Half in pm)

October 26: 4th grade (all day)

October 30: 5th grade (all day)

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October Twitter Challenge

Each week in October, I want to challenge you to a Kids Deserve It twitter challenge. This book shares great ideas on how to make your classroom more engaging for your students. In order to participate in this "slow chat", you'll just need to respond to the challenge below and tag your tweet with @robisones and #KDISlowchat, #catchthespirit and #robisonspirit. The first-week challenge begins today through Saturday, October 7.
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Upcoming PTO Events

Our Boosterthon Kick-off will be at 8:00 am on October 10 in the library. All staff will receive a t-shirt. Teachers will need to attend the meeting in order to learn more about the fun run theme and details of this year's run.

Pep rallies will take place in the cafeteria that same afternoon at the following times:

PK, K and 1st @ 2:15

2nd and 3rd @ 2:45

4th and 5th @ 3:15

The actual fun run times have been set for Thursday, October 19:

K &1st @ 9:00 am

2nd & 3rd @ 10:00 am

PPCD & PK (am) @ 11:00 am

PPCD & PK (pm) @ 1:30 pm

4th & 5th Color Run @ 2:30 pm

4th and 5th have a goal in order to have the color run. It is purposely scheduled for later in the day due to the messiness of the students after the run.

Sick Leave Bank

An email was forwarded to everyone about this. The deadline for enrolling is October 31.


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