Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


We hope that everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break!!! We are both so excited to see each and everyone of you and here all about your time off!!!!

Tutorials will begin on January 11th from 4:00 - 5:15. Please see the schedule below:

Science: Monday

ELAR: Tuesday

Math: Wednesday

Report cards will be ready to view on Friday.


We will focus this week on summarizing. Being able to write a summary that maintains the meaning of the story is a great way to show comprehension of a text. Lesson 8 vocabulary will go out tomorrow and will be tested on Friday, January 15th.

Unit 14 Spelling test and comprehension test on Friday! New reading logs go home tomorrow and will be due next Monday.


We will begin the week by going over Unit #7: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Test. On Tuesday we will begin Unit #8: Geometry and Measurement. We will begin the unit by learning about area, perimeter, and volume. Students will begin having homework again that will be due on Wednesday and Friday's. There will be some weeks that they also have assignments in Google classroom.


Students will begin to learn about landforms such as deltas, canyons, and sand dunes and how they are formed. Students have an assignment in Stem Scopes that is due Monday, January 11th (there is a link in google classroom).

Social Studies

This week we will start week #11 "The War of 1812." Students will need to complete the quiz on Social Studies Weekly website before Monday January 11th. Students can have the newspaper article and quiz read aloud to them on the website. We do not expect the students to complete the quiz before we have read the newspaper and discussed it in class. The quiz will be for a grade.