Air problems

Christopher connor

I was in the fourth grade taking a trip to Guatemala. As soon as September came I was on my way to Guatemala and I was drinking chocolate milk when before the plane landed.The two weeks I spent in Guatemala was awesome.One reason why is because I went on a roller coaster called the Frisbee that swings you around like a tether ball.

once it was all done i knew i had to say good bye I hugged my aunts and uncles and left off to Dallas. But first I had to land in mexico. But when we got there the line was so long to checked for passports. it was about an hour and we had only 3 minutes to get on our plane and our stuff was not on the plane yet we had to rush but we didn't make it in time.

My world suddenly felt dark.I had no clue what to do me and my mom were sad.We just sat there for twenty minutes not knowing what to do. Suddenly I heard a voice I looked up an it was the manager holding two plane tickets in her hands along with a hotel room key that came with food included. Me and my mom stayed at this nice hotel.But before we even got their I saw a bunch of strange stuff like graffiti and buses that said locos tacos I saw a man selling oranges and he said only 2 pesos for a orange. when we got to the hotel I ate and i swam but once we got to our room I fell fast asleep.The next morning i woke up and i went to the airport and when I got to Dallas i was so happy.I thought something like that would happen to me but sometimes they're AIR PROBLEMS.

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