The Buthcher and the Cow

By Sean Khan

The Buthcher's View

Once upon a time there was a Butcher. He was poor and needed money to feed his family. He decided to walk to the meadow. Soon he stumbled on to a family of cows. He ran back to his cottage and got his net. He then ran back. He spotted the biggest cow of the bunch and captured it. The Cow screamed in horror. "Please let me go!" exclaimed the Cow. "For I cannot, I have a family to feed," said the Butcher. The cow plead for his life. "I will pay you back," said the Cow. "How," hesitantly asked the Butcher. "In a way," said the Cow. "I have a family, a son and wife," said the Cow. Out of the Kindness of his heart the Butcher released the Cow. The Cow went back to the Meadow and the Butcher went to his cottage.

The next day ,in order to get money, the Butcher hunted for animals. He had found a bunny and followed it into the forest. That's when a snake slithered in front of the man. The snake was about to attack the man, and that is when the cow saved him.

The End!

The Cow's View

Once Upon a Time there was a cow who lived in the meadow. He was married and had a son. One day he was grazing in the meadow when the saw a human running away. He was curious about what was happening, but he didn't do anything. A few minutes later the man came back and captured the Cow. The Cow screamed in horror. The man explained that he was a Butcher and why he needed the Cow. The Cow pleaded for his life. The Cow said he would repay him. The cow then said he had a family. Out of the kindness of the Butcher the Cow was released. He then went back to the meadow.

The next day he wandered into the forest. He saw the Butcher and the snake. The saw that the Butcher was about to be attacked. The cow ran to the Butcher and saved him. The cow did this by stomping on the snake.

The End!

The Moral

The moral is that kindness repays.
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