Kindergarten Overview Term 3, 2020

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Recently our students achieved 100 days of Kindergarten and we are now officially half way through the school year! The students have already shown so much growth and we are very excited for the term ahead.

Get Reading Right

Students will be receiving daily phonics lessons designed to give them the skills and knowledge needed to become confident readers and spellers. This term students will be looking at the grapheme-phoneme correspondences:

v, w, y, z, j, n, k, e, sh, ch, th, wh, ll, ss, ff, zz, ck, ng, qu, x

Camera Words

This term Kindergarten will be learning to read and write the following camera words:

all, is, me, no, they, said, you, this, my, play, come, have, like, says, do, going, what, give


This term in writing we will be continuing to revise:

  • Using finger spaces between words
  • Putting a full stop at the end of a sentence
  • Checking the sentence makes sense
  • Checking my camera words – do they like right?
  • Hearing and recording sounds in words

The new cycle focuses will include:

  • Using adjectives in our writing
  • Correct use of capital letters
  • Writing more than one sentence (Building writing stamina)
  • Using pronouns and conjunctions
  • Character descriptions


Students will be looking at imaginative texts with a focus on fairy tales this term. They will be learning how to retell and sequence familiar and unfamiliar texts both orally and visually. Students will also be looking at how to answer literal questions about the text (these will include who, what, where and when questions) as well as looking at different types of characters.

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Guided Reading

Guided reading will continue in classrooms. This will involve students having the opportunity to regularly read to their teacher both independently and in small groups. These groups are designed to cater for all students’ individual needs and aim to provide each child with individualised feedback that will help develop and strengthen their reading skills.


Some of the concepts that students will look at in Maths this term includes:

  • Reading and using ordinal numbers
  • Identifying pictures and words for notes and coins
  • Ordering the days of the week
  • Representing subtraction situations
  • Identifying, describing and sorting 3D objects
  • Counting backwards
  • Identifying one half of a shape
  • Comparing capacity of containers
  • Comparing the volume of objects
  • Problem solving and reasoning


Kindergarten will be having a History focus for the second semester. This term students will be provided with the opportunity to learn about their own history and that of their family. Some key learning concepts will include:

  • What is family?
  • Are all families the same?
  • Families have different cultures
  • Artefacts can tell a story

Education Week

To celebrate Education Week this year Kindergarten students have worked with teachers to make a short video for parents. This can be viewed on your child’s Seesaw account from Thursday 6 August. Students have been looking at ‘What is family?’ in History and have created an artwork of their own family. Students will be presenting and discussing their artwork. We hope you enjoy this short film about what family means to your child.


If you have any concerns that you would like to discuss with either the classroom teacher or myself please do hesitate to contact the school to organise this.

Kindest regards

Mrs Amanda Bleeker and Kindergarten Teachers

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