Amber Wyatt

My Personality

It's a Blue Life

The personality tests that I have taken have determined a personality color for me and it is blue.

The Strengths of Being a Blue

1. I am an idealistic person

2. I like to keep a schedule

3. I am a very neat and organized person

4. I make friends that I know want to be my friend

5. I am a supportive person

The Animal in Me...

After taking an animal personality test, the animal that I have chosen is a porcupine.

What Being a Porcupine Means

Someone small and is very witting is what helps explain the porcupine personality. This person is usually very quiet, but when they are around their friends they get more talkative. They are supportive, but can be a little rude at times. Sometimes they judge people too much.


1. Collections Agent

2. Bureaucrat

3. Politician

4. Administrator

5. Photography


1. Reading

2. Writing

3. Painting

4. Movies

5. Photography

My Influence in the Class

As a blue, I am a very peaceful and supporting person. I can help others, even if they are not in my group, solve their problems. I like to keep the peace and class and help to stop ,and not cause, fights. I am very organized and neat, so I help to clean up messes that my group and myself have made and to keep everything neat and organized around the classroom.