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Too often, I find myself spending a great deal of time trying to satisfy resistant people. I worry about it; I stress about it; many times, I lose sleep over it. It takes time to recognize the “impossible” person, and it is important not to confuse the slightly-resistant person with the impossible one. But, once you see that people won’t be happy with whatever you are offering, it’s time to cut ties with them or at least stop worrying about trying to get them on board. I know working with a person who is repeatedly resistant, not open to feedback, and makes no effort to change will only end up draining me of the energy that could be given to others. Writing this person off is a path of last resort, but sometimes it becomes better to move that person down the priority list rather than to keep investing time that could be better spent helping others.

Where I struggle is this the same concept to apply to our students. Kids do not have the cognitive ability to rationalize problems fully. They do not have a fully developed limbic system and an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, which makes them very emotional creatures rather than cognitive decision-makers. This past year has shown the excessive results of social development on cognitive development. In the midst of it, we have a hard time trying to understand how to rebuild these skills. In the long run, we know that if we cannot rebuild these skills then the education system is in more trouble than we know.

Adults, on the other hand, have fully developed cognitive functions. Their decision-making ability should be more rational than that of a 16-year-old. So, why do I run myself into the abyss of social media by reading the chaos of adults? We need to step away from what we read and focus on what we know and what is in front of us. In front of us is a little over two weeks. Resistance has always been there, and it always will be.

Push through the mess, resist adding extra resistance through the noise of the world around us, and do your best to support the students in front of us for the last few weeks!

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Vivian and Jim Leach for all their efforts with the referendum. If you have time, stop by the book store and tell Vivian THANK YOU for the countless hours they put in to support students and staff in Perry Township!
  • Eric Woodke for the numerous extra hours he puts in to set up for events. Eric spends hours after school and on weekends to make sure our events run smoothly.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 34: Grateful Friday Challenge

Happy Friday! Happy end to Teacher Appreciation Week! Happy weekend coming up! Happy day all around...

I did a little research last night and when I looked up the word ‘appreciation’ in the dictionary, I found this definition:

  1. The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something

  2. A full understanding of something

This is arguably the hardest time of year for most Teachers and Students. (And it’s hard to think that anything could be longer than any given day in February, or honestly March, and April!) Summer vacation is just around the corner (did someone say 13 days with kids left?), AP testing is a week away from completion and all the anticipation of the end of the year is met with a what now/what’s next attitude. Sometimes it seems as if at the end of the year we must be at the top of our game trying to hold the attention of the students sitting in our classes, and let’s be honest - we need a break too… and the 18 minute naps that are squeezed in are just not cutting it anymore. (If there is a scientific study on the perfect nap length, I would love to know - not that I could have the time, but that I could dream about having it.)

To have a little fun and in honor of the month of May and the pride of Indiana…no not corn, The Indy 500… We thought it would be fun to try something a little different as we drive our way to the end of the year. Today our challenge is to make up road names that describe our year, or our classes… You can do one or as many as you want.

And in addition to that (or in substitution if you don’t want to admit you are currently living on the corner of Oh No Not You Lane and I Need A Nap Avenue), find a song to play as you take attendance for your classes as we are taking our last few laps down the Fishbowl hallway… Currently, not gonna lie, I might be having them jam to Livin on a Prayer (even though we are way over half way there!)

If you have time, post your road sign or street name outside of your classroom or office so people can get a laugh as they race through the halls to try to find time to get everything in before the final bell of the year.

Keep being super! Happy teacher appreciation week!

Two Fridays left!!!! (Let’s celebrate and appreciate that!) With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Koby Kraemer

Welcome to our newest Cardinal teacher, Koby Kraemer. Mr. Kraemer is our new strength and conditioning coach. Coach Kraemer comes to us from The Ohio State University. Our student-athletes have hit a new level of conditioning in our weight room during the first week. We are excited to have Coach Kraemer with us and look forward to his work with our student-athletes!

Election Day

This is the first time SHS has been an election polling site. Our students, who are registered voters, had a great opportunity during the day to participate in the election. Through Government and Economics classes, students had the opportunity to learn about what the election site looks like and the process they would need to participate in to vote. Our students made a difference in this week's election!

Alex Bettag

Our football program is already hard at work. Student-athletes have opportunities a couple of times a week to take part in evening football workouts. Currently, more students are participating in these workouts than we had last year in our football program. Even current 8th grade students are getting a headstart on their high school career with these workouts. SHS is grateful for the early work Coach Bettag and his staff is putting into developing our young men.

AP Testing

AP testing is in full swing. We are grateful for our AP teachers and the work they have put in to prepare our students for these tests. Also, we appreciate our school counseling office for helping to organize and administer the AP tests!

Amy Honeycutt

Ms. Honeycutt's students are working their way through Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. As they are working to process each scene, students are using Pixton to create storyboards for the scenes. Students can create avatars for what they believe characters would look like and are adding key moments in the play to show their understanding of what they are reading.

Educational Humor

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