Ground water

By Tyren Wallace

Porosity vs. Permeability

Porosity is the amount of space between sediment particles. Permeability is the materials ability to allow fluids to go through it. These affect ground water because they can determine the depths that the water can reach.

What is ground water?

Ground water is water that is stored under ground. It can be stored for a few days or can be ancient. Most of Earths freshwater is ground water.
What Is Groundwater?
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Types of aquifers

There are two types of aquifers. confined, and unconfined.

Groundwater Depletion

Using to much ground water is probably the main source of groundwater depletion.

But there are other reasons as well, like salt water intrusion, and polluted runoff. For an example, California uses to much and now look at them! They have earthquakes all of the time. They probably also experience drought, and dying vegetation.

The main ways the U.S. pollutes groundwater

The main ways that we pollute groundwater is runoff from streets, fertilizer, and salt water intrusion.