One to one tutorials

Tutor top tips for one to one tutorials

  • Prepare in advance; what do you know about the learner? Draw from previous meetings/records etc. Risk assessment?
  • Ask the learner to prepare in advance and give guidelines.
  • Discuss boundaries and role.
  • Prepare the climate and explain the format, purpose of the meeting and time schedule.
  • Begin with something positive.
  • Review targets.
  • Evidence of stretch, challenge and student aspirations.
  • Acknowledge achievements to date, no matter how small.
  • Ask open ended questions.
  • Enable the learner to do most of the talking.
  • Enable the learner to set SMART targets.
  • Ensure supportive strategies or referrals are included in the targets/use motivational interviewing techniques.
  • Ask the learner to summarise the discussion points and targets to ensure they understand.
  • Close the meeting on a positive note.
  • Provide the learner with a copy of targets/written record of the discussion.
  • Agree the date and time of the next meeting.

After the meeting, send a copy of the target record to the Learning Mentor/student coach

Gill Davidson

Tutorial, Enrichment & Enterprise Manager