Life Group UPDATE

January 25 & 26, 2014

Cuba Mission 2014 Has 4 Open Spots Left

This will be our 3rd mission trip to Cuba! If you are interested in going as a part of our team of 10 July 5-12, then go to and find out more.

Woodland Parrish Preview Service Feb. 2

We are just three weeks away from the Feb 9 launching of Woodland Parrish.

The week before will be a preview service. Think of it as our final practice run and also a preview for Woodland and some new Parrish insiders--people who are really excited and want to help and get in on the ground floor. We want to invite you to come out to and check it out at 10:45am Feb. 2 if you just want to see what our church is up to and help be prayer warriors for us. Of course, if you are thinking about being a part, this is a good time to visit. It won't be 100%, but we hope it will be very close and you can help by giving our teams a chance to practice with some "real" folks before the Feb. 9 public launch. Details at

John Rosemond Parenting Feb 8-10

February 9th is going to be a really different day in the life of our church for a couple reasons. First, as you know, that's the day we launch Woodland Parrish. But secondly, we have a guest speaker here at the Lakewood Ranch campus, John Rosemond. He will be doing the Saturday night and Sunday 10:45am worship services at the Lakewood Ranch campus (our current campus). And he will be doing a seminar for the community on Monday morning, afternoon and evening here at Woodland.
You can find out more about John Rosemond at
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Woodland "Heart for Parrish" January 30-31 Promo

One of our key philosophies has always been to be a church for the community.

We have a "heart" for the community (P as in Parrish/Palmetto!). This guy below will be on the corner of our second mailer card just before launch. A few days before that card hits homes, January 30 & 31, you'll see this guy (Parry) on 301 during evening drive time. We will be passing out water bottles and some info to all who stop.

BUT mostly we're just going to be smiling and waving and putting a visual impression in people's minds so when they get the card they'll take a second to say, "Hey, that's that heart guy that was on the road" and hopefully take a second to look over the card. And Parry will make some other appearances around town too I'm sure. If you can help Thur/Fri Jan 30/31 during drive time (4-6pm or so) let know. We need a posse to be out there with Parry.