How to use mein/dein/sein/ihr

By Kate Seefried

Mein, dein, sein,ihr

Mein, dein, sein,and ihr are all masculine or neutral, this means when you use them you need to use them for either male objects/people, or neutral objects.

Ex for masculine: Mein Bruder ( my brother ), sein Bruder ( his brother ), dein Bruder ( your Brother ), and ihr Bruder ( her brother ).

Ex for neutral: mein Buch ( my book ), dein Buch ( your Book ), sein Buch ( his book ), ihr Buch ( her book ).

Meine, deine, seine, ihre

These are all feminine or plural, meaning you use them for feminine objects/people or when something is plural.

Ex for feminine: meine Schwester ( my sister ), deine Schwester ( your sister ), seine Schwester ( his sister ), ihre Schwester ( her sister ).

Ex for plural: meine Freunde ( my friends ), deine Freunde ( your friends ), seine Freunde ( his friends ), ihre Freunde ( her friends ).

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