Top 10 Facts

Marilyn Monroe

10: Hard to Work With

She found it almost impossible to learn lines, and took 60 takes to deliver the line "Its me, Sugar", in Some Like it Hot.
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9: Playboy Bunny

She was Playboys first Sweetheart (Later Playmate) of the Month, in 1953. Marilyn had been paid $US50 to model for the picture in 1949.
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8: Christian Scientist

. Marilyn became a Christian Scientist at the age of 18; later in her life she dabbled in alternative spiritualties, including Anthroposophy, the philosophy espoused by Rudolf Steiner. She converted to Judaism before her 1956 marriage to Arthur Miller.

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7: 16 and Tied the Knot?

Before her marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, Marilyn was married to James Dougherty. She was 16 when they tied the knot.

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6: Marilyn's Death was Ruled as a "Probable Suicide"

Marilyn's death was ruled a ''probable suicide'', but toxicology tests were only carried out on her liver. When the deputy coroner, Thomas Noguchi, tried to obtain her other organs for testing, he was told they'd been destroyed
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5: Marilyn Made Ella Fitzgerald Famous

. Marilyn's intervention got Ella Fitzgerald her first major engagement at a Los Angeles nightclub.

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4: Marilyn Didn't Like Diamonds

Even though she was famous for singing the song ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s best Friend’, she wasn’t a fan of expensive jewellery. All of her jewellery was in fact costume jewelry with the sole exception of a string of pearls and a diamond ring given to her by Joe DiMaggio, her second husband.
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3: Marilyn had Plastic Surgery

It emerged recently that Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgery. Medical records, which were sold at auction for $25,600, indicated that she had work done on her chin and possibly on her nose.

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2: She Had a Facial Hair Problem

Marylyn Monroe had quite a heavy fuzz beard on her a chin, but she refused to remove it. It turned out to be quite useful in her acting career as it meant that the film studios didn’t have to resort to any special effects to get that soft glow to her face that was all the rage back then
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1: Marilyn's Hero Was Abraham Lincoln

Marilyn's hero was Abraham Lincoln: ''I used to read everything I could find about him,'' she wrote in her (ghosted) autobiography, My Story. ''He was the only famous American who seemed most like me, at least in his childhood.''
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