The Northeast Region

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Landmarks in the Northeast Region are very important such as The Statue of Libety, The White House, and The Liberty Bell. Landmarks are important events that happened in the past.



People in the Northeast mostly enjoy eating seafood, such as clam chowder, lobster and other roles but lobster roles are most popular for many people. They eat seafood because there are a lot of oceans and lakes near by.


People in the Northeast Region mostly enjoy sports like soccer, football, basket ball, baseball, volleyball, and skiing. Also people enjoy going to museums,plays, and musical performances too. That is what people in the Northeast like to do for fun.


The northeast coast was first settled by Europeans. The pilgrims were among the first when they arrived. Millions of immigrants settled in this reigon of the country. This area is called the melting pot. Today over 50 million people live in the megalopolis.

Land and water

In the Northeast Reign there are tall mountains and rocky landThe tallest mountain is Mount Washington. We have 2 Great Lakes the Erie Canal,and Lake Erie.


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The Northeast region is about halfway between the North Pole and the Equater. Most people come in the fall because of the beautiful leaves and to go apple picking! Peolple also come in the summer because of the warm weather and the weather is perfect for the beach! In the Northeast region the winters are bitterly cold! In the spring the flowers are very beautiful!

Natural Resources

Some of the recourses of the Northeast come from underground such as, granite, marble and coal. We also have crops like cranberries , blueberries and corn. Ocean and rivers too!