Thank You 2015

What can really happen in a year...

As I reflect upon 2015 this first month of 2016, I would have never predicted it.

I ended 2014 being offered new business opportunities and one of the perks of growing older is confidence. I was offered a gig doing Wardrobe on a TV set. Wardrobe as many of you know has always been a passion (or is it addiction?) of mine. I had never done this before, but was assured since I can sew, pull an outfit together, and have an eye for detail, I could do it. You know what I enjoyed it and they asked me to do it again!

Then I decided to take a giant leap of passion and go out of my comfort zone. Have you heard about working for a social mission? Well for a long time I have been passionate about harmful ingredients in products but the clean products never had the performance I wanted. I often say that I found Beautycounter but the real story is that it found me. I gave a friend 30 minutes, she let me try her products for a few days, and I loved everything. It took a woman (Gregg Renfrew) around my age with kids of the same age who had this same epiphany. Difference was that she had the network and resources to do something about it! She did what I couldn’t, created Beautycounter…and I wanted to support her and be a part of this movement for better health and changing laws! So November 2014 with Todd’s support: “I think this is right up your alley and you would enjoy this. Why wouldn’t you try it?”, I celebrated 1 year of doing somethings I never thought I would ever do.

If that wasn’t enough after several weekly walks in February 2015, a friend and I came up with a new business venture. Both of us creative soles, with a passion for mid-century modernism and a background in architecture, decided to open an Etsy shop and sell our Custom Lake pendants. MODwife, LLC was born and we enjoy creating pendants of people’s special places all over the world!

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I challenge you to try something new and be confident in your skills. Trust that sometimes someone else can see skills you didn’t know you had.

All of this would not have been possible if not for your trust and confidence in me and makes me look forward to a new year. I LOVE what I am doing, maybe that is because I am working for a mission I am passionate about. It has been the most rewarding work I have done and for that I thank you!


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Jennifer Bateman Grover

Manager / Consultant

Beautycounter is a disruptive beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency. Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. To find out more or join me on this mission visit my website or email me!

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