"Meat-Packing" Day

Why Celebrate Meat Packing?

1. Celebrate a greatly successful business

2. Celebrate how it helped with the survival of settlers in Iowa during the 1800's

3. This business started in a shed and developed into huge industries

4. Why Not?


Saturday, Dec. 12th, 8pm

Keokuk, IA, United States

Keokuk, IA

Be there early to sign up for the competitions


8:00: Arrival

9:00: First Competition (Pig Catching)

10:00: Breakfast- Bacon based

11:00: Second Competition (Bacon Eating)

12:00: Junior Bacon Eating

1:00: Pig Auction

2:00: Lunch- BBQ-Pork

3:00: Slaughter Games

4:00: Meat-Packing Competition

5:00: William Patterson history presentation

6:00: End (send people home with some free meat)

Celebrate Everywhere

Schools will be serving smoked biscuit for school lunch

Pig-based food is on sale at restaurants

Everybody will decorate their house with bacon

Pig meat will be on sale everywhere

Buy one pig get one 29.9% off at Festival or other places

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William Patterson

To Remember the start of Meat Packing in Iowa, there will be a history presentation of William Patterson and the start of the Industry to how it got to where it is today