Ms. C.'s First Grade Class

October 10th - October 13th

This Week:

In Reading/LA, students read a text titled, "Lucia's Neighborhood". They were able to identify non-fiction text features and why authors use them in a text. We continue working on identifying key details in the text. Students also learned how to use and identify adjectives or describing words. We practiced reading and writing words with short /e/. In Writing, students drew illustrations and added labels and captions to their writing.

In Math, we finished Chapter 2. Students have been practicing subtraction using pictures, models like cubes and counters and finding the difference. We continue practicing our addition and subtraction facts to 10 as well as problem solving.

In Social Studies, we reviewed the topics we discussed in Chapter 1. Students reviewed being good citizens, responsible citizens, rights, American Symbols etc.

On Tuesday, October 17th Progress Reports for the first marking period will be posted.


Please check the Parent Portal for Spelling and Reading grades. We started taking our spelling tests and vocabulary quizzes online. Let me know if you have any questions.

Upcoming Spelling Words

Short /u/ words:

1. up

2. bug

3. mud

4. nut

5. hug

6. tub

Sight Words:

7. friend

8. full

9. good

10. hold

11. many

12. pull

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 19th - Cherrydale Pick up 3:45 - 6:30pm

Friday, October 20th - Mennies Spirit Day

Monday, October 23rd - Ned YoYo Sale begins

Thursday, October 26th - Fun Fair 5:30 - 7:30