This Week in Waumba Land

Sunday, February 16th 2014

"Love each other as I have loved you." John 15:12

The Scoop

  • Who is out this Sunday?
  • Prayer in room 214 at 2:45pm
  • February 16 - Waumba Land Orientation at 11:00am in 120 - We need your fabulous friends and family to serve at the 11:00am service!
  • February 24 - NPCC Volunteer Event with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel - keep an eye out for an email
  • Join a Short Term Community Group - 7 (men), Mom Matters and Financial Peace University click HERE


Happy Monday! Well, it looks like this week is going to start off with a little Winter weather excitement. I hope you all get to stay close to home tomorrow and Wednesday.

School and work have already been cancelled for me and the boys and I'm feeling really grateful for a little extra time with my crew. I am hoping for a serious snowball fight.

Hopefully the ice/snow will melt by Sunday and we will have a full house of crawlers to love on this week. Bob and Angie are out for the next couple of weeks and will be celebrating their anniversary in Aruba. Congratulations! Sharon and Arlene are back this week. I'm excited to catch up with both of you. Please let me know if you are planning to be out this week.

I hope you all have a great week. If we get snow and you get any fun snow pictures, send them my way and I will share them with the group.

Grateful to serve alongside each of you!

See you Sunday!


Letter From A Waumba Land Parent

Hi there. I thought you would want to know this story. We share it with you to thank you & the rest of the team of passionately planting the love of Jesus deep into Jackson's heart.

When we began prayer with Jackson at bedtime he said," I forgot what I'm supposed to say." We told him to tell Jesus whatever was on his mind. So he began with, "dear Jesus, I want to follow you every day of my life." It was all we could do to keep it together. That's a phrase he must've heard at Waumba because, though we pray with Jackson each day and teach him about Jesus, that specific phrase is different from what we say here. So, thank you for coming alongside us and helping us teach him about Jesus.

Pray Together

Kris & Deb - Continued prayers for Kris' work situation. Hoping he will get more details about what's next very soon.

Brittany - A former co-worker/friend is going through a very difficult time and could use our prayers.

Bob & Angie - Safe travels to Aruba.

Ashley - Wisdom concerning the recent job offer she received.

Please let me know if we can be praying something specific for you?

Need to get in touch with me?

Lindsey Thorpe