My Hero

By Chloe

My Definition of a Hero

A hero to me is a person you look up to. Someone you want to be like and sets a good example.

My hero is my Piano teacher, Mrs. Zelzer.

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Why is my piano teacher my hero?

I have been playing piano since I was in third grade and there were a couple things that I realized. My piano teacher is very smart for her age and can still play the piano extremely well. This proves to me that even when you get older, you can still play piano and have a great memory. Also, she is my hero because I could eventually teach piano when I am older. I look up to her because she is honest, if i have a bad lesson she will tell me that I could have I better lesson and I need to practice more. Next, she can tell if you practiced or not, and she doesn't except excuses. That is why my piano teacher is my hero.
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