Farragut Weekly Updates - 11/4/17

From the desk of Principal Ngo

Dear Farragut Foxes,

Inhale courage, exhale fear. Inhale confidence, exhale, doubt. Inhale courage, exhale fear. By now you’re familiar with my fondness for taking some deep mindfulness breaths before meetings, speeches, assemblies, you name it. But as much as it helps lead the group to the present moment, it is also a way I help clear the negative chatter in my own head. We all have it, that internal monologue that seems to run our lives. More often than not, it can be noise that keeps us from doing our best. Even for me, as frequently as I speak in front of audiences, large and small, being conscious of the chatter helps me focus and move forward in a positive, productive way, and gives me the courage to keep going when times get tough.

As we march deeper into the school year, I find myself helping students do the same to build their resilience. Whether it is an anxious moment before a test, nerves before giving a student council speech, fear of speaking as George Washington at the 3rd Grade Wax Museum, difficulty persevering through a tough morning, recovering from a mean remark from a peer, our kids need tools to quiet their own negative self-talk as well.

This weekend, notice your own internal monologue. How does it impact your life, your parenting, and how you interact with the world? Taming that voice in your head and modeling it for your child, is a great first step in building the coping skills they need for school and for life.

Have a great weekend!

Your proud principal,

Rebecca Ngo


Saturday, November 4th

An evening event for Kinder and New 2017 Foxy Parents to connect and create lasting relationships at Farragut. 7pm till 9pm at Raintree Clubhouse. Please contact Ann Frederick anniefrederick@yahoo.com if you wish to attend.

Monday, November 6th
Starting 8:45 am on the blacktop: Grades 1-5, take your children to their regular classroom line-up area; Kindergarten classes go directly to the back blacktop in the back of the school. Parents are welcome to attend.

Monday, November 6th


School site council meets the first Monday of each month at 4:30PM in the conference room.

Wednesday, November 8th
Take the three-block challenge or get on board a walking school bus, join your friends and walk to school!

Wednesday, November 8th
It’s RAINBOW day for this month’s School Spirit Day. Wear any article of clothing in your grade's designated color!
Red - 5th Grade
Orange - 4th Grade
Yellow - 3rd Grade
Green - 2nd Grade
Blue - 1st Grade
Purple - Kindergarten

Popsicle sales on the Cafeteria patio at 1:45pm for $1 each.

Thursday, November 9th
5:30pm-8:30pm in the back play yard for food, drinks & movie treats! Free admission. Please see below for details.

Friday, November 10th
Please make alternative arrangements for your child/ren as we observe this public holiday.

Monday, November 13 - Friday, November 17th
Getting great books into your kids hands couldn’t be easier than this! Special guest James Raney will be signing books and giving a talk about life as an author. Please check below for full details on this eventful week at Farragut as well as the signup link for volunteer shifts and your child's class preview time.

Monday, November 13th


Join us at 7:00PM for the first of several parent education nights hosted by school and district leaders. See below for details.

Tuesday November 14th
Join us at 8:50am in the cafeteria for an update on our active school community.

Tuesday, November 14th

If you’d like to become a cleared volunteer, please hang back after the PTA/Fan Club meeting for 30-45 minutes for our Volunteer Orientation.

Thursday, November 16th to Wednesday, November 29th
Stay tuned for more details soon.

Wednesday, November 22nd to Friday, November 24th
Pupil free days over this observed National Holiday.

Districtwide Parent Education Night: Building a Positive School Culture

Monday, Nov. 13th, 7-8pm

10820 Farragut Drive

Culver City, CA

Please join us Monday, November 13th at 7:00PM for the first of several parent education nights hosted by school and district leaders. Farragut proudly hosts our first one on how CCUSD elementary schools build a positive school climate. Come learn about how we tackle tough issues like bullying prevention, addressing peer conflict, building resilience in our students, and developing school programs that continue to strengthen a positive school climate at every school.
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2017-18 Farragut PTA & Fan Club Leadership

Farragut PTA Co-Presidents

Ashley Cain – abcain@gmail.com
Shea Andreone – shea323@gmail.com

Farragut Fan Club Co-Presidents
Ellen Davidson – erdavidson112@yahoo.com
Deanna Newell – deannan@ca.rr.com

CCUSD Community Arts Team Needs You!

Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) is ready to take the next step in a very exciting and groundbreaking partnership with “Arts Ed Collective” (Los Angeles Arts Commission), a county wide initiative in Los Angeles designed to support school districts in expanding their Visual and Performing Arts offerings.

As many of you know, our fourteen-year partnership with the LA Arts Commission (formerly Arts For All) began with the development of our strategic arts plan. The strategic plan was a result of work from the former “Arts For All Committee” and generated many of the advancements in arts education offerings that our district enjoys today.

Our next step is to form a NEW Community Arts Team who will begin to discuss, update and ultimately develop a new five-year strategic plan to expand the Visual and Performing Arts within CCUSD, so that all students continue to have access to quality, standards-based visual and performing arts education. This plan will be tailored to the diverse and unique needs of our CCUSD students and presented to the Superintendent and the CCUSD School Board at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

To guide us through this process we are fortunate to be partnering with Arts Ed Collective strategic planning coach, Sandy Seufert who has helped many other school districts in Los Angeles County successfully create their five-year strategic plans.

Below are the dates and time for the CAT meetings (locations TBD):

Wednesday, 12/6/17, 8:30am – 1:30pm

Wednesday, 1/10/18, 8:30am – 1:30pm

Thursday, 2/8/18, 3:45pm – 5:45pm

Monday, 2/26/18, 3:45pm – 5:45pm

Monday, 3/12/18, 3:45pm – 5:45pm

If you are interested in participating as either a member of the CAT or would like to be updated on our progress, please fill out this form: Community Arts Application.

The team will consist of students, parents, teachers, administrators, community members, art educators and professional artists. We hope you will consider applying to work with us on creating an updated plan that continues to serve our diverse and unique community.

Applicants will be informed of their Participant/Alternate status by November 27, 2017. All applicants will receive updates on our work and will be asked for feedback throughout the process.

We look forward to your participation and the ideas/actions that will come from this work. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Moses at (310) 842-4220, ext. 4230.