Katyfit Yellow Half

Week of Nov 16th

Cypress Half update from Coach Chuck

"We Yellow Halfs had a great showing at the inaugural Cypress Half Marathon yesterday, including Coach Daddy Bob, myself, Chelsea, Suzanne, and Jennie. Big congratulations to Jennie for breaking 2 hours at 1:59 and change. Sabrina's husband Rich and son Hayden also ran in about 1:45. Great flat one-loop course through residential Cypress."


Monday- 35 min

Tuesday- 5x800 (2 min recovery) (800=2 laps around the track) (Memorial Parkway track at Highland Knolls and Westgreen @5:15am).

Wednesday- rest or cross train, yoga

Thursday- 35 min tempo (Luke’s Locker, Cinco Ranch Blvd, Bagel run @5am)


Saturday- 9 miles-@6:10am- unoffiical

Week 19

Hello Yellows,

You all looked great Saturday! We had a wonderful day for running. Is anyone's hips sore from the new superman's we tried during core? This week is an unofficial run, because of the 25K. The halfs typically don't run the 25K, because 25K is 15.5 miles, a little more than what we have on our schedule. But a few of you still wanted to get together to run. Please note you will not be supported, there will not be coolers out. If you are interested in running meet at 6:10 for 9 miles.

I talk about investing in a pair of compression socks. For those who need more information as to why you need them watch the video below. I figure one pair of compression socks is cheaper than a massage and the socks last much longer. The video is made by CEP, they are the leaders in most compression products, but there are other good brands like Zoot. CEP makes medical grade socks and might covered by insurance. Buyer beware if you find a great deal on compression socks you might get what you pay for. Compression socks have a number of benefits including quicker recovery.

Sarah's Corner

Cadence is the rate of which your feet touch the ground while running. When you are standing still your cadence is zero. If your left foot touches the ground 90 times in a minute, your cadence is 180 (90 touches by two feet.) Cadence is measured in steps per minute. The optimal cadence for running is between 176 and 184 foot strikes per minute. You can range a little above or below these numbers, but the idea is to focus on how quickly the feet touch the ground. By doing so, the stride efficiency will increase. Please make a note here: **Cadence is not how quickly you are running or walking. It operates largely independent of your pace. More on cadence next week.

CEP Progressive+ Run Sock 2.0: How Compression Socks Work

Tai Chi

The seminar this week was on Tai Chi. Don, the guy from the seminar, teaches Tai Chi classes on Sundays at 5pm at Jewish Community Center http://www.erjcchouston.org/

But in the mean time if you want to practice a little more, I found a youtube video with great instructions, enjoy!

Learn Tai Chi Online with Jet Li's Online Academy - Lesson 1