Morning Notes

Thursday 12 March

Visitors at Halcyon today & tomorrow:

Dear all,

Today we have several important visitors visiting from IB. They might be stopping by your lessons and you might meet them in the hallways. Please make them feel welcome.

Students meeting with Visitors at 10.30-11.00

Can the following students please meet Ms. Fritz and our visitors in Library on the Mezzanine floor (where the staff room is located):

Grade 6 :Anne Marie Stumpff, Manuel Asali

Grade 7: Kate Crannell, Sabrine Ciauri

Grade 8: Ameen Scott, Jaden Jethwa

Grade 9: Kieran Schmidt Das, Emily Wilson

Grade 10: Gwen Sears,Daphne Linenberg

If you are not sure where to go, please see Mia in the office or Emily at reception.

Halcyon Ambassadors: tour

Can the following students please meet our visitors at reception at 11:00AM to give a tour of the school:

Vicky (Grade 9) and Jonah (Grade 6)

Thank you!

Haclyon WiFi

Dear Students:

Our WiFi may be working a little slowly today as we work to fix the issues encountered yesterday. May we ask all students to be mindful of their usage today.

Thank you!

Grade 7-8 Mandarin class students

Thursday, March 12th, 9:45am-1:30pm

Belvedere Road

South Bnak

When: Thursday 12 March 2015, 9:45am; return 1:20pm

Where: BFI Southbank

Information: Dynasties, daggers and duty- A Chinese cinema Study Day

Please bring your own packed lunch (Grade 8) and Oyster card

PSHE Digital Citizenship

Link to video (Watch this first)


Somebody just asked you to send them a pic. It's up to you to choose what happens next.

What do you do?

Spring is on its way.... Who wants to go to the park @ lunch?

Check out the weather, here! Sun's out? Why not go to the park?

This is a reminder that all students are allowed to sign up to go to the park in the morning with Emily at reception by morning break.

This will only be available for days when off campus is not running, so today and Friday the park will be available.

Next week:

Monday - G9/10 Off Campus

Tuesday - Park available

Wednesday - 7/8 Off Campus

Thursday - Park available

Friday - Park available

Off-Campus! Remember to sign up:

The deadline is 16:00 on TODAY, Thursday 12th of March.

Please sign up Here.

Red Nose Day: Friday 13 March

Please bring in money on Friday 13 March to purchase baked goods and to also have your hair chalked with colour!

**Grade 8 and 9: Please remember to bring in baked goods to be sold at lunch in the Stern Hall. Please leave them with Emily in reception on Friday morning.

Child to Child: Tuesday 17 March

We will be having a bake sale next Tuesday 17 March, for the charity Child to Child. There will also be a 'Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar' on 17 March. It will take place in the canteen at break time and there will be different things to buy. Please bring at least three pounds.

Lucy, Tanguy, Allegra

Grade 8 Community Project by Ameen, Ellery and Eric:

Film Night-Thursday, March 26th at 17h in Canteen

Come along to see a film and the money will be donated to 'Book Aid International'. This organisation helps to provide books for children in developing countries. It will cost you £3 to attend and you can have popcorn and a drink.

Please use the link below to vote for which film you would like to see.

Link to vote for film

Halcyon Guest Speakers: Birgit Maaß

Tuesday, March 17th, 12:45pm

Halcyon Hub

BIrgit Maaß, Linus and Jonah's mother will be joining us in the Hub at lunchtime on Tuesday 16th March. Birgit works for Deutsche Welle, the German broadcaster as a journalist and has been covering the Alexander Litvinenko case about the Russian former secret service agent who was killed by radiation poisoning in London in 2006. If you are interested in this case, how the justice system works or journalism, please come along!

Boys Basketball Fixture vs KFA

This Thursday we are hosting the KFA basketball team at SLC. The game will start at 4pm.

Please be changed and ready to leave reception at 3.45pm.

The squad is: Kieran, Nate, Jordi, Dylan, Eric O, Kit, Davide, Chris D

Grade 9 and 10 students interested in studying in the USA!

Friday, March 13th, 12:45pm


On Friday 13th March, the admissions officer for the university of South Florida is visiting us at Halcyon. From 12:40 - 13:20, she will be with Ms. McDonald in FO3. This public research university is in the top 250 universities in the world and specially well-known for it's MBA programmes. If you need additional information about the university, you will find it on their website.

Please email Ms. McDonald if you are interested in attending or need additional information.

Extra-Curricular Activities

THURSDAY Lunchtime 1245-1320

1. Parlez-vous Francais? French Conversation Club with Ms Aleu (F01)

2. Model United Nations with Mr Jones (T01)

3. Mandarin Beginners Club (F04)

4. Homework Club (Lab)

5. Action and Service Club (Hub)

THURSDAY After-School 1545-1630

1. Football Club (co-ed) with Ms Mills

2. Drama Club with Mrs Watson (Goldschmid Hall)

3. Homework Club (Hub)

4. School wide sports club at SLC (4-5)

5. Youth Speaks - Junior Team (F03)

Lunch Menu

Lunch Main:

Option 1

Grilled Vegetables Kebab With Halloumi cheese GF

Option 2:

Carrots and Hummus Roll up DF


Cream Cheese Tomato Bagel

** Gluten Free options available.

Salad Bar:

Mixed Salad

Greek Chickpea


Rainbow Fruit Salad

Cucumber and Feta



Seasonal Fruits or


Lost and Found items?

Please visit Emily at Reception for any lost items - we have quite the collection here!

Talk @ Halcyon

In addition to, which is an email address that you can write to with any concerns you have, we also have a created a Google form that you can fill out at any time should you wish to raise awareness of anything either anonymously or with your name attached. Check it out!