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Message from Mrs. Sivadasan

The first day of school for our first through fifth graders was a success! It was wonderful to see your students again, and it was heartwarming to see that they were all genuinely excited to be back in the groove of school. We look forward to seeing our Kindergarten kiddos on Friday! Thank you for trusting your students to us and we are looking forward to a great year of learning.

-Mrs. Sivadasan

Important Dates:

  • September 7: First Day of School for Kindergarten

Curriculum Nights:

  • Kindergarten: September 5th 5:00-5:15 Parents meet in the MPR with Mrs. Sivadasan, 5:15-6:00 classrooms
  • September 12: 4th grade & 3rd grade Merlin (Mulvany) 5:00-5:45; 5th grade 6:00-6:45
  • September 13: 1 & 2 5:00-5:45, 3rd grade except Merlin 6:00-6:45

Construction Update:

We are still waiting on permits to begin the actual construction of the new classroom wing and cafeteria. As a first day of school surprise our fencing to block off the construction areas and to create safe walking pathways for our students and staff was put up today. Like always, our staff and students were flexible and patient as we settled into this new normal.

With the fencing up the open play area on the playground in no longer accessible. However, students will still be able to play on the sand field, on the basketball court, and in the covered play areas. For this year of construction, we are asking that students not bring toys or sports equipment from home to play with out at recess. If a ball or toy goes into the construction zone, we cannot guarantee we will be able to retrieve it.

Today we did safety presentations in every classroom prior to recess to talk about the new fencing that went up and how to follow the fencing out to the playground. We also reviewed playground rules and expectations with the students. Students were walked to recess and back from recess by their classroom teacher.

Our portable classrooms now also have fenced walking paths to enter and exit the building.

Our vestibule is almost complete and should be fully operational shortly.

We also have a temporary wall in place in our cafeteria in preparation of our cafeteria expansion.

As always, safety is our number one concern and as a staff we have been planning for construction for the past 7 months. We have plans in place for needing to exit the building in an emergency and will be practicing this with students during our routine safety drills.

*Please refer to my Principal's Corner e-news from June and August for a review of what I have previously communicated regarding construction.

I will continue to update you as information comes my way. Please see below for pictures of the construction work so far.