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November, 2020

Don't Forget About All Our E-Resources in MyBackpack

There is a folder in MyBackpack labeled E-Resources. There you will find:

  • World Almanac Kids Middle School
  • Bloom's Literature-Literacy Classics, Poems, Curriculum Tools for students
  • Britannica Image Quest-copy right free images, make an image dictionary,
  • InfoBase 360-lots of educational videos & activities & check out the STEM lessons!
  • National Geographic Kids
  • United States-great for studying our government
  • vocabulary & spelling

MyOn is now integrated with Renaissance!

MyOn e-books now works seemlessly with Renaissance Accelerated Reader! You can now read a book in MyOn and simply click on the "Take AR Test" button and take an AR test!

Teachers, encourage your students to continue to take their AR tests! MyOn can be accessed through Mybackpack.

Accelerated Reader - Check to see if the books you have at home are AR books

1. Go to Renaissance Accelerated Reader Book Finder at this link:

2. Once there, click on student, or parent
3. In "Quick Search," type the title of the book
4. If the book is indeed an AR title, information about the book will appear, if it is not an AR title, it will say, "No AR Quiz"

You can take AR tests from home through MyBackpack!!

Check out Britannica Image Quest! Located in the E-Resources folder in MyBackPack!

Image Quest contains thousands of images, which are rights-cleared for all uses except for for-profit applications. This App is located in the e-Resources folder in MyBackpack.

These images, templates and activities can be used in a variety of ways to enhance our students' visual literacy, such as virtual timelines, see-think-wonder activities, gallery walks, best-in-search quests, image dictionaries, sequencing activities and more!

For more information, create your account today, click on "help" and take their product tour!

Britannica ImageQuest: Overview | Britannica Digital Learning


The Great Thanksgiving Listen hosted by StoryCorps is back for the sixth year in a row. This annual event is intended to get people to record audio stories with family and friends. This year there might be a lot more remote recording than in the past, but the goal of the project is still the same.

StoryCorps has always provided materials to help students and teachers get involved in The Great Thanksgiving Listen. This year the resources have expanded to include a video overview of how to use the relatively new StoryCorps Connect platform to remotely record stories. If students can record in-person, the StoryCorps mobile app is still available as well. Resources for teachers include lesson plans, handouts, and even letters and a permission slip that you can send home to help explain the project to parents.

StoryCorps Connect: How To

Race2Read Beanstack App in Mybackpack

Students and teachers are encouraged to log their reading minutes. Race2Read has partnered with the Urban League to encourage reading for pleasure!

We have collectively logged in a little over 1700 points. We have a LONG way to go! Please Log in those minutes and have your students log in there minutes as well.

Let's get reading!