Mashburn Minute

Mashburn Elementary Nov 20, 2015

Do you want to deliver gifts to Freedom Tabernacle on Nov 30th???

If so - please email Chelsea Buchanan and let her know you will either transport or would like to ride over and deliver everything Mashburn collected!!!


Nov 13th - School Spelling Bee

Nov 16th - Leadership Learning,

Nov 17th - ESOL parent night,

Nov 18th - LSC meeting, Chili's Spirit Night

Nov 19th - Soup and Chili Potluck, STEAM day, International Night

Nov 20th - K field trip

Nov 23rd - Thanksgiving Break - all week. The school will be closed all week, enjoy this time with your family!

Nov 30th - PTA Santa Workshop begins, NO new teacher meeting today - we will deliver gifts to Freedom Tabernacle instead. See notes below...

Dec 1st - Leadership Data Dig 7:30,

Dec 2nd- fire drill

Dec 3rd - Maxwell St. Spirit Night

Dec 4th - Northside Tree Lighting and Chorus singing

Dec 5th - Mashburn Holiday Party

Dec 7th- Tammi Bramblett here for Principal for a Day!, blue bear awards,

Dec 8th - Join us for a drop in reception for Debbie Coleman and Donna Sears! We wish them the best of luck in their adventures!

The 12 Days of Christmas are coming!!!!! We hope you enjoy some fun daily treats!

Dec 3rd - A partridge in a soap tree

Dec 4th - Two Dove bars

Dec 7th - Three French Hens - Come hungry for breakfast

Dec 8th - Four Calling Birds (and cows) - don't bring your lunch today!!!

Dec 9th - Five Krispy Kreme Rings (after lunch snack)

Dec 10th - Six Geese a Laying - Come hungry for breakfast

Dec 11th - Seven Snowmen a Swimming

Dec 14th - Eight colored pens

Dec 15th - Nine tacky ladies dancing - wear your tackiest sweater

Dec 16th - Ten kernels a popping

Dec 17th - Eleven Pipers Pipping

Dec 18th - Twelve Delightful Dishes - Don't bring your lunch!!!

PBTL for next semester.... Sessions are 1/26 and 3/15... please let me know if you are interested!

here is what your colleagues are saying about Performance Based Teaching and Learning..

The Performance Based Teaching and Learning training has taught me the importance of providing my students the opportunity to apply what they know. In doing so, they should be given learning targets so they know why they are doing the task and specific criteria so that they know what is expected of them.

The PBTL training was awesome! The presenter was very clear and precise in her explanations and we had a chance to collaborate with teachers from other schools to design a product that we could use in our classroom for assessment. We learned that performance based assessments integrate the student’s knowledge, skills and understandings in a specific measurable activity which promotes student self-assessment and engagement while meeting specific criteria.

Morning Meeting!

Check out this morning meeting that Crystal Catoe shared with me!!!!!!! This is a great time to incorporate the 7 Mindsets as well as touch on different academic standards. If you would like more information or help incorporating morning meeting (no matter what time of the day) please let Andrea or Chelsea know.

Have you ever thought about what it's like to be in your class?

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