Mexico Masks

A Trip Through the Mexican History

Mexico Masks History

A mask is an object normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance, or entertainment. Traditional masks are used in celebration, ceremonial dances and decorative masks are made for aesthetic purposes and usually brought by collectors or foreign tourists. Masks are used in communal ceremonial dances, particularly for the celebration of patron saint day, Carnival and Christmas. he use of masks in rituals or ceremonies is an ancient human practice across the world. Masks are used by priests to summon the power of deities and as funerary masks for dignitaries. Masks are made by wooden clay, stone, wood, and papier mache.

Mexico Style of Masks

The main characteristics of this culture is the color. They always use red, white, and black. I mostly see that masks are used for celebration and to protect themselves from the devil. Almost all the masks I saw and read, the "evil" is there lurking around. The style of the masks are either realistic, or imagination of the theme the story will be. There is a lot of line, pattern, and color.

My Opinion

In my opinion, I really think that masks do sometime hide us from letting the world know who we are. Masks gives us freedom to be whoever we want to be, whenever and hopefully nobody get hurt. Here, the masks are used for protection form the "evil." Sometime, it's for celebration success or conquest.