Weekly Newsletter

January 6-10

Welcome Back!

Cheers to a new year, a new start, and a great quarter! Check out what we have going on this week:

Got any new year's resolutions? How about joining a club? Get involved, make new friends--and do what you love! We have all sorts of clubs covering all sorts of interests--from Gay-Straight Alliance to Creative Arts to Urban Gathering to the International Club! So come check it out in Mobius Hall this Wednesday!
That's right! Nothing starts a quarter better than a good ol' Under The Sea magic! This Thursday, join us at 5:00 in Food For Thought for a fun night of singing to -possibly- one of the best classic disney movies. We know it's already stuck in your head, so come along and sing your heart out! Oh--and wanna know how it could be even better? This will be happening more throughout the quarter, so keep a look out for your favorite Disney movie!

Food Trucks 11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Nomad Curbside - $$

Menu: http://nomadcurbside.com/?page_id=5149


Off the Rez - $


Woodfire Pizza - $$


Curb Jumber - $

Menu: http://www.curbjumperstreeteats.com/what-we-serve/


Gobble - $

Menu: http://gobbletogo.com/Gobble_Trucks_Menu.html