Travis ECHS Weekly Message

Travis ECHS Program Weekly Update: May 26 - 29, 2020

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Greetings Travis ECHS Program Students & Parents!

After a two-week break, the Travis ECHS Weekly Message is back with important information about about the end of the school year, ACC grading options, ACC summer classes, and Senior celebrations.



WOW! You have completed another ACC semester!!!! For some of you, this was your very first semester. For some of you, your last semester as ECHS students! You made it through the weirdest semester most of us have ever experienced in education. You dealt with not only a pandemic, but a transition to online learning that was not of your choosing, with professors who were not necessarily ready or experienced. I did receive the grade report on Friday, and I am very proud. Most of you passed your classes with flying colors! You guys Rocked!

Updates for this Week

Travis Continuous Learning-at-Home


Tomorrow, Tuesday May 26th @ 12 noon

is the deadline to submit all work for your high school classes.

Check BLEND, contact your teachers and make sure there isn't anything else that you are supposed to do or can do to improve your grades and complete this school year strong!

Weekly ECHS Zoom Meetings

We are having Zoom meetings this week! These meetings are for everyone in the program and they are MANDATORY. This week we will talk about the P/NP Grading options, and summer classes. If you are registered to take a summer class and you do not attend, you may be dropped from your summer class. If you have a valid reason, please contact me before your zoom meeting.

Zoom Schedule for Week May 26 - 29:

(I will send the link directly through Remind close to the meeting time)

  • EDUC - Tuesday 5/26 @ 1:00
  • DRAM/SPCH - Tuesday 5/26 @ 2:00
  • Seniors - Wednesday 5/27 @ 4:30
  • Sophomores - Thursday 5/28 @ 2:00
  • Juniors - Thursday 5/28 @ 4:30
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ACC Pass/No Pass Grading Option - Open until Friday, May 29 Only


All of you should have received an email (to your ACC email) on Wed, May 13 from the Office of the VP of Student Affairs with subject Update/Student Grade Options. This email includes all instructions related to the Pass/No Pass grading option that you have this semester. I am including here the links to important information, including instructions on how to make the conversion of your current grade letter received to a Pass or No Pass, and how this affects you.

  • P/NP Transfer Implications Guide for Sp 2020 - this is a guide on how the 4-year universities that most ACC students transfer to are evaluating a P/NP on your ACC transcript. This applies not only to current Seniors starting college in the fall but also every student because this P/NP will stay on your ACC transcript and will be seen by colleges/universities that you apply to down the line. For the most part converting a P/NP will not cause you a major problem but it's still really important that you look through this guide so you can be well -informed

If you earned a D or F:

Expect to receive a message from me on Remind to talk about converting to an No-Pass. Please make sure to respond. There is a deadline for making this conversion (this Friday) and if you do not do it by then, you will be stuck with your current grade or D or F. You can choose to make an appointment with by clicking on button below.

If you earned an A, B or C:

I will not be reaching out to you, but if you are thinking about converting and would like to talk about pros/cons, feel free to reach out to me or Juanita Ferguson (your ACC adviser - can choose to make an appointment with by clicking on button below.

NOTE: Remember that this conversion will NOT in any way affect your high school transcript. AISD will use your current letter grades to assign you a P (A,B,C,D) or an I (F) for your high school grade. This conversion is to about your ACC transcript and GPA only. Make sure to look again at the Summary of Spring 2020 Grading Policies for ACC & AISD.

Schedule a Meeting with Ms. Orozco

I am using Calendly as a tool to make it easy for you to make an appointment with me. Click on the button to see the available times and select the time you want. You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link.

ACC Summer 2020 Online Classes Start June 1st

If you are registered to take a summer class, please read.

WE WILL GO OVER IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SUMMER CLASSES DURING OUR ZOOM MEETINGS THIS WEEK. Because of online summer classes, it is very important that you hear this information. If you do not attend and do not contact me, you may be dropped from your summer class.

Here is the list of students taking classes along with courses you are registered to take.


  • Go to, click on Students link
  • Log in to MyACC and click Register for classes (this will open self-service)
  • Click on Student Planning
  • Click on Go to Plan & Schedule, under Plan your Degree & Register for Classes
  • Click on arrows to reach Summer 2020
  • You should see the course or courses that you are registered for on the left side. It will say "Registered, but not started" in green. You will NOT see blocks of time for these classes because they are online classes (except for a few classes that do have specific virtual meeting times). If the class is in yellow, that means you've planned it but are not actually registered. Let me know right away if you see this.

Here is the updated list of all courses we have Travis students registered in.

Check this document for a quick guide to your course information: Course Number and Section Number, Professor name, video meeting day/times (if any - only a few classes have meeting times), and how many Travis students are in the class out of the total registered.

NOTE: Some of you are registered in the second summer session (those classes do not start until July 6th). See course schedule to verify.

ACC Summer Textbooks Info

If you are registered to take a summer class, PLEASE READ.

Most ACC summer classes will be using e-books or online class materials that you will access through Blackboard or your professor will give you a code. In some cases, I will have to order a physical book that will need to be mailed to your home address. In other cases, I will have to order an e-book and the code will be sent to your ACC email address. I am also waiting on some classes that we do not yet know what textbook is required.

In the meantime, I need to verify your address where you would like a textbook to be mailed (if you end up needing a physical textbook). Click on button below to fill out google form. Please put in whatever address you want used. It does not have to match the address that you have with AISD or ACC. So for example, is you are staying with someone else right now, or you have moved, or you want it mailed to another location that will be safer or more accessible, please go ahead and put that address. This is just for purposes of getting your book sent to you in the next two weeks. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE ADDRESS IN CORRECTLY (with apt or unit number). ALSO I NEED A GOOD PHONE NUMBER. This will be very important because it will be delivered by UPS and they ask for a phone number.

Click on button below to complete google form. Complete by Wednesday May 27.

NOTE: You do not have to fill this out if you are not taking any summer classes.

Address/Phone Check for Textbook Order

I need this completed by Wednesday, May 27th.

Seniors 2020 - Time to Celebrate!!

Details for Senior Drive-Thru celebration

You have to be logged in to your AISD student email to access this document.

ECHS Program Parent Information

ECHS Program Parents! if you are reading this and you have not yet signed up to get Remind parent messages from me, please do. I use Remind to communicate important information. It is also a great way for you to quickly and privately communicate with me.

To sign up, follow the instructions on the image or click HERE to sign up directly on Remind.

Also, remember that if you would like to chat, you can schedule a meeting with me using Calendly. Click on button below.

Travis ECHS Program

REMIND IS THE PRIMARY WAY THAT WE SEND INFORMATION OUT TO STUDENTS AND PARENTS, so let us know if you get disconnected from Remind or change your phone number. We have Google Voice numbers now so you can reach us by phone:

Ms. Orozco: 512-814-3527 / Ms. Garcia: 210-901-3581